Bourgeois Chef™ Meals & Delights

Baked French Onion Soup
The German Weisswurst
Select Fresh
Eat Real Food
A Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Shrimp Tempura
The Spurtle
The King of Brats
Christoph's™ Beef Stroganoff
The Lady Bug
The Dagwood
A Polish Caraway Seed & Dumpling Soup
Key Lime Pie
Wiener Schnitzel
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ANNOUNCEMENT ― Shopping Coming (30 Jan 2021)

In the near future, I will be opening a shopping store with Christoph―The Bourgeois Chef's™ own gourmet sausage spices and unique kitchen items that may be of interest to you. Add any suggestions and ideas you may have in the General Suggestions category. Don't worry, this site will always continue to be free of intrusive advertising. You will see items only if you go to the store of your own volition.


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30 Jan 2021 Christoph G. Olesch 2
30 Jan 2021 Christoph G. Olesch 1
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