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                             Image subject to copyright by Tefl Abroad.

       Ice creams have always been one of my favorite desserts. I don't eat them often, but on a hot day, after working in the yard, I choose an aggressive fruit sorbetto. Some of my favorites are lemon, tart montmorency cherry, kiwi and raspberry. In the fall, during winter or spring time, I find Gelato and Sherbets refreshing.

       Commercial ice creams are not on my list of desires. Their flavors are bland and they just lack character. Nothing stands out. I have always made them by hand. My friends always enjoy them, but have made comments that homemade is a lot of work. I always disagree, and offer my lecture that the process is gratifying and the end results in a corner of nirvana. They quickly become silent, and ask me for another scoop.

       Most recipes that I present (I have to disclose) are modifications from such masters as Ciao Bella and David Lebovitz. Bella, I posit, is the Julia Child of gelato and sorbetto. Lebovitz offers exqusite ice creams. Some are my own creations. If you value and appreciate the handmaking process and wholesome results of your own desserts, I recommend you dig in. Make your own.

       Recently I decided to get an ice cream machine. I now don't understand why i did not acquire one years ago. As I listern to the humming and whirling of the churn, I think of my youth — the bells of ice cream trucks coming through neighborhoods, hoping I had a dime in my pocket.

       Taste is personal. Change and fine tune the recipes to your liking. But if you don't already, start making your own.



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