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Lime Lemonade 01

Christoph's Sparkling Lime Lemonade


Bolognese 01

The Perfect Bolognese Sauce


Espresso Cacao 02

 Oh, my ... Homemade Chocolate Espresso





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The Bourgeois Chef Food Mission

Bring healthy, wholesome food back to our daily diets and dinner table.

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Read "Some News."





Eat what the hell you want!

Eat less, eat healthy, excercise more!


       There, an ancient secret to healthy living has finally escaped Pandora’s Box. Warning: Do not tell the “Diet Corporations” or “Diet Gurus.” This free common sense causes them to lose vast amounts of business. It is estimated that Americans spend well over $40-45 billion in weight loss programs and products.

       If you follow my “revolutionary new diet plan,” you may finally stop thinking about food, your weight and how ugly you are. By the way, we are beautiful just the way we are. You’ll move on with your life, to something more important. What that is, you’ll have to discover on your own, but it will come to you.

       I'm not a commercial chef; I'm not a nutritionist nor proclaimed dietician. I only have common sense. I do what my mother told me.

       How is it that she lived to be 93, without medical and weight problems, while coming from a generation of "ill-informed," a generation which "lacked knowledge," "scientific food gurus" and "nutrition-experts?"

       We now have all these miracle foods, miracle potions and drugs, miracle diets and solutions and experts telling us what to eat (and without who's wisdom and products we would fail to exist), as our society eats itself to death with business driven "marketing concoctions." Let's call this processed stuff what it is...I'll coin it Quasifood. But, enough of bashing; it accomplishes little...!

       Now that you’ve learned the secret, you won’t be obsessed by and consumed with food—as if somewhere on that plate was the meaning and purpose of life—you’ll just be eating and enjoying good food.


Lobster 01
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       If you are a lonely person looking for happiness from food, you’ll find some solace with every meal, but not your wellbeing or happiness nor self esteem; if you’re a generally healthy person who is overweight, by eating less, with a healthy diet and daily excercise you’ll lose the pounds. Sorry, that’s it!






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The Mission


The Mission

Bring healthy, wholesome food back to our daily diets and dinner table.


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I dedicate this blog to my children. May you eat healthy and live long.

May you remember our family dinners, my outrageous dagwood sandwiches, Wiener Schnitzel, our Old English sheepdog and secrets kept.

I'm happy to see your enthusiasm for cooking and baking.

May it bring you joy!

Some News




       When I browse the internet for delicious recipes, the last thing I want to be bombarded, borraged, besieged, blasted, harrased and hounded with is usesless and meaningless ads of women's underwear, men's jocks, wedding rings, insurance, fashion, best toilet paper, and how to easily kill all odors and mold in your home. Of particular interest is toilet bowl cleaner. That product is most appealing, as I search for a unique Italian Bolognese sauce, or information regarding varieties of tomatoes or onions. Now, do you want to know how I really feel?

       Most (almost all) sites are so over-laden with sideline advertising or graphics that my screen grinds for what seems to be an eternity. The ads and banners are on top, they are on the sides, on the bottom and, most aggrevatingly, between recipe preparation directions. I now simply evade them, whenever possible. I have a list of favorite sites and blogs which I visit, and the rest are bypassed. Most of my recipes are from books; some from magazines and others professional subscriptions.

       As a result, there is no advertising on this blog. Its existence is totally on my dime and always will be.


Food 02Image may be subject to copyright. Credit via Trainharder.





       All food producers spend most of their efforts and monies on trying to convince us that their products are real food. They claim their offerings are necessary to our health, will augment, improve or even safeguard our bodily existence. If we visit our grocery stores, we can easily see that most items come packaged, bottled, bagged or boxed. This tells us that it is not a product of nature. It is a product of factories and laboratories—Quasifood™.

       Products of nature come from the ground, hang on trees sail through air or travel on the hoof. Our biology is based on these natural sources. Our health and survival is not dependent upon crackers, peanut butters and jellies, bottled juices, sodas, ice creams and pizzas. Yes, they offer flavors and disassociated, delusional emotional satisfaction, but they are not related to necessity or real food.

       But, let's not kid ourselves, let's not be absurd. They should also not be eliminated from our diets or consumption!

       As we go through a food store, let's remind ourselves that foods which are required for our health and well balanced diets are hinged on the perimeters of the store: vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, seafood and dairy. With the exception of some needed grains, basics such as flours and salt, all other products have no nutritional value. They may give us some artificial pleasure and palate gratification, but offer no nutrition.

       Stay tuned, this is a peeve subject of mine. I will write often, regarding our madness and obsession with false diets and Quasifood™.


fake food granger Image copyright by Granger via Fine Art America


Bon appétit...!




       We all wish to be creative, innovative and original. Some of us are fortunate enough to assemble a primordial recipe, now and then. All of us, even professional chefs, cooks or tinkerers, learn our first recipes from parents or grandparents. Once we embark on this mission of cooking, we immediately ruminate, "Hmmm, how can I change this soup and make it my own? What if I add a little of this, or a little of that?" It becomes my chicken noodle soup!

       Perhaps we are the primary chef at home, open a restaurant, graduate from a renowned culinary intstitute, write a cook book, declare a website or open a blog to the world. For all of us this mission of cooking is to shout "Look at me." And, that is how it should be. It brings us personal acknowledgement and emotional validation which gives us pleasure. We become good at this thing called cooking. We gain self esteem. Hell, it's a long shot, but we may even become renowned.

       Whatever happens, this pursuit is filled with passion and has mission.

       So, I confess, that throughout my life I have discoverd delicious recipes, either from friends, books and the internet, and I copy and modify them to my liking—it's what we all do. I then claim they are mine. But they are really not. And that does not matter. What is important is that we enjoy the craft and share results with friends and family. If it generates followers—whoever is so mad—I hope they enjoy a little twist and let their palate say, "Nice, I like this one."

       Hence, the creation of this site. It is a depository (for family) of meals and recipes that I like—meals that we made at home, meals I discovered while traveling the world, and meals my mother made. Oh, what memories! If you like one, leave a comment or two. Try one. I hope you enjoy.

       Whenever possible I share recipe sources and give credits to delectable images. I offer reference to books, articles and other websites or blogs in order to share what others have created and what I have learned. I may even have an original idea here and there.


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All material, information and images are © 2015 - 2023 Christoph G. Olesch, unless otherwise noted, and may not be reproduced without permission. Certain content, material, information and images may be subject to copyrights by their respective owners, as indicated, and may not be reproduced without written agreement. All rights reserved.

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